Ahoy, landrubbers!

This very log is the escapist retreat of The Weird Admiral, Master of the Sea, the Stars and the Beyond, and collector of Oddities since the 17th century – at least! (actually, no one knows for sure, but that is another story to tell …)

The Admiral is a very private person, but sometimes he likes to preserve some of his rare creative ideas or wants to talk about what he has seen, heard, or generally consumed lately, especially when he finds interesting pieces of information about his own domains. If such a thing happens, he will do so on these very pages.

Most of the time the Admiral will write down his thoughts in plain English, as he deems himself a cosmopolitan, a man of the world – that is of all the Seven Seas and sometimes of the starry heavens even! Only occasionally will he stutter something in his mother’s tongue – a rare and local Frisian dialect called “German”, or in the ancient and sinister tongue of the Sunforsaken Deep.

If you want to reach out to the Admiral, you will find instructions for the ritual needed in the ancient, faded and worm-eaten Tome of the Green Sea Hag can write him at admiral [monkey] weirdseas [deadfly] net , or approach him on his Mastodon account @weirdadmiral@rollenspiel.social. Before doing so, you maybe should check out the legalese for this page, first, though.