Alright, I get it. There are so many Captains everywhere, that some of you simply forget all the other great naval ranks out there. Don’t believe me? Well here is a list of pretty famous Captains that did take less than 10 Minutes to assemble from memory and thinking alone:

There’s Captain Ahab, Captain America (and Captain Marvel), Captain Blackbeard, Captain Cook, Captain Crunch, Captain Drummer, Captain Future, Captain Harlock, Captain Harkness, Captain Hook, Captain Kirk (and Picard, Janeway, Sisko, Archer, Pike, …), Captain LeChuck, Captain Morgan, Captain Nemo, Captain Phasma (and Captain Solo), Captain Planet, Captain Ramius, Captain Reynolds, Captain Sonar, Captain Sparrow (and Barbossa, Davy Jones, …), and yes, there are many many more who claim the title – not all of them commander of a vessel, mind you (yes, that’s pretty confusing, right?).

Now, how many Admirals do you know? Beside from Admiral Nelson and maybe Admiral Adama, who – hands down – is the best of them all? (So say we all!) There aren’t many out there, at least they are not as well-known as their Captain counterparts. Yes, the Star Wars fans will be shouting “Ackbar” right now, but that doesn’t really hurt my point, does it?

Personally, I find this is pretty weird, as the title of Admiral actually has a direct connection to the Sea itself (look it up!), and even more important: Admirals usually command more than only one ship! What is better than one ship? A fleet of them! I never understood why I should be satisfied with only one. It’s so limiting!

So, whoever asks me next, why I am glad to be an Admiral without a fleet (as there sadly is none left here on the Weird Seas thanks to the Eternal Storm and the dangers from the Sunless Deep) and why I won’t just stick to the rank of simple Captain: Are you mad?